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grendan-hall-2-00_18_55_00-still001Do you believe in Demons? Well if you do or you don’t, have a listen to this very spooky EVP recently caught on camera audio during a night’s Paranormal Investigation only hours after some scary experiences by the team were had during the night! The word of garden was repeatedly spoken via a ghostly app called Geminus. Ghostly words from a eery sounding man as well as screams from children were also heard along with the words demon.  One of the investigators, Becki Coulam, had also smelt a putrid smell on odd occasions throughout the night. Sadie felt the urge to go outside and investigate in the large old garden where their experiences developed into hearing a scream and heavy footsteps. Shortly after this Becki got her dowsing rods out (a tool used for receiving yes/no responses and to give direction) and just before she started to ask for her yes and no directions, this very scary and quite terrifying voice was heard by Sadie at the time and caught to her camera audio. Becki was completely unaware of what Sadie had just heard, as was Sadie to the extremity of what had been spoken! An almost creature like demonic voice speaks a sentence sounding Latin… Take a listen… WARNING: DO NOT WATCH if you are prone to nightmares. This is 100% real and authentic!

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Shocking Paranormal Evidence

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Shocking Paranormal Evidence

12963662_983738738378669_6231736669378066121_nOn Saturday 5th November three paranormal groups, myself & Pete joined forces to investigate the beautiful old building known as Grendon Hall. This was our second visit after the first proved there was more than just a tweak of paranormal activity lurking within. This large historic stately home holds a long history of dwellings with many rooms and people experiencing ‘strange’ occurrences. Staff have reportedly seen things within it’s grounds and heard inexplicable doors banging closed along with furniture seemingly moving itself overnight. This was our second visit to see if we could find any evidence of paranormal shenanigans. Our first visit yielded up some fascinating results including a child figure being caught to SLS Stickman software, a ghostly lady caught on my camera and some unpleasant experiences were had by a guest investigator. So, with the first investigation yielding up so many results, we had to find more answers on our second visit and as always, we were not dissapointed! We tried using a creepy new ghost app called Geminus which yielded up some intelligent responses on command and led myself and Becki on a paranormal journey to the darkest parts of the garden, late in the evening, where we discovered paranormal lights on night vision camcorder, which we believe were the spirits of possibly two ghost children and one male malevolent spirit! We also witnessed energies transpiring during a Philip’s experiment (also known as table tipping) – Sadiex

Have a watch of the below trailer to see a small glimpse into just some of the intelligent responses which will be reviewed on this coming “Friday ParaVlog”… Don’t forget to Subscribe to the Indico Paranormal Youtube Channel to get notifications of all new “Friday ParaVlogs” which will be released weekly on a Friday at 9pm GMT time…

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Haunted Grendon Hall – The Return!

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The Haunted Grendon Hall – The Return!

Grendan Hall 2 On Saturday 2nd April 2016 earlier this year, we ventured out to Grendon Hall and conducted a Paranormal Investigation and yielded up some fascinating results! Just to name a few, not only did we get what looks like the figure of a child appearing on Jared’s SLS Stickman Software seemingly holding our hands when asked, but we also had some very scary intelligent responses come through the Echovox, stating names, and a harsh threat toward Jared whilst he was alone provoking as well as a very interesting image of what looks like a lady with long hair in a gown on my camera just before we left the night’s investigation location!
Wow, you may say, how can anybody get that much in one night?

Image 1
The image caught on my camera before we left Grendon Hall. Notice the figure of what looks like a lady in a gown with long hair!

Well, who knows, but one thing I ‘m proud to say is that wherever I go, something always shows up and never ever fails to impress and amaze me!

Image 2 ZOOM 2
The above image zoomed again…

A lot of people ask me if I get frightened by it, to which I usually respond, yes for sure on occasions, but it almost becomes a ‘norm’ to expect a response of some sort, whether it be a few knocks, a ghost talking through a device in response to a question with very intelligent answers or even the sight of a ghost itself!!!!

Image 2 ZOOM
The above Image zoomed in…

However, seeing a ghost is definitely very frightening, especially when it does as you ask!!! I.e. walks towards you, yikes…. On that note, I’ll leave you with some more finding’s from a fascinating and beautiful architectural building steeped in history.


Jared alone in one of the bedroom dormitories armed with the Echovox and Nightvision camera. What came through was astonishing! Full sentences mentioning Jared’s and Sadie’s name can be clearly heard. The spirit’s in the room certainly took a dislike to Jared and taunted him saying, “…kill Jared…” and “..F@#k you Jared…” as well as later saying Sadie’s full name twice and saying “…she will catch you…”.Don’t believe it? Watch and see for yourself!

A trailer of just a few clips from the night’s paranormal investigation at Grendon Hall. The team used an SLS (stickman software) device in one of the bedroom dormitories and caught a ghostly child trying to timidly hold Sadie’s hand upon request! Also, co-investigator on the night Seb had an eerie experience as he started feeling burning sensations in his chest and actually collapsed… Watch to see the highlight’s from the investigation. Subscribe to see future Livestreams and ghostly Investigations…

A ghostly child figure appears on our SLS (stickman software) at Grendan Hall. This was absolutely amazing! The child figure can be seen trying to timidly hold Sadie’s hand upon request. It also appears to try slapping Jared’s hand. Watch to see this fascinating capture…

So, what will tomorrow evening’s investigation bring! Who knows, but I say, “BRING IT”. – Sadiex

You can join us LIVE on our investigation tomorrow via the facebook stream on the Indico Paranormal Investigations, Ghosts & Haunted Locations on Film Facebook Page! Here you can comment and join in with hopefully what will be an adventurous night!


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Dicing with EVIL – shoulder to shoulder with a Malevolent Energy!

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Evil Lurks Within!

Source – Indico Paranormal

Investigating the Paranormal can sometimes bring unexpected results, results which can leave you feeling spooked out for days… Results which can leave you feeling drained and afraid to try again. A couple of years ago I investigated a once beautiful serene, now dilapidated castle alongside fellow team mates. We went along armed with K2 meters, a PSB7, Writing Planchettes and Table. It was a glorious summer evening and all was calm.

Source – Indico Paranormal

We arrived just as dusk was approaching, all geared up and ready to see if the location could give us the trump card! Well, it certainly did that! Not a trump card, but more like a literal trump in our pants… We started the night off, setting up numerous nightvision and motion cameras and then went for it. We started off with a PSB7 session and heard many a word come through, but most were inaudible to hear on the night. It was only afterward analysation that the session produced some quite frightening responses…

The witching hour of 12 midnight approached! We were all fine and didn’t think too much was happening, until….. suddenly two K2 meters started spiking rapidly to red! Not only were they spiking, they were making a hissing noise. Then, it all kicked off, just like that! Suddenly the air turned dense and cold, like you could cut it with a knife. It was that thick you could feel it. A smell surrounded us all, a smell of rotting flesh! The first thing we thought was that maybe somebody had broke wind, but nope, nobody was owning up, and believe me we would have owned up!

With the K2’s going wild and the disgusting smell which had engulfed us all, we decided to get into a circle and hold hands for protection. We chanted a few rituals and one of our investigators started shuddering as though he was physically convulsing! It was quite frightening to see as the person in question was very sceptical anyway. The fear was there! So we carried on and called out for help. Next thing we knew the air returned to normal, the K2’s stopped working and I saw what I can only describe as a glowing light the size of a large dog, go swooping away from our circle at a very past pace. With that, we grabbed our things and literally almost ran to the cars! I was shaking at this point. Other team mates were a bit freaked out too. The drive home for us all was painstakingly tiring. It was as though everyone present had been totally drained by whatever lurked within! There is more to this story, which unfortunately cannot be disclosed on here, but to say the least, it’s very disturbing!

Sleep well :) – Sadiex

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30 East Drive CCTV Captures Pushchair thrown downstairs by The Black Monk. UNSEEN BEHIND THE SCENES RAW FOOTAGE!

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The Black Monk of 30 East Drive, Pontefract POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY CAUGHT ON CAMERA!


Has the notorious Black Monk that is said to haunt 30 East Drive finally been caught on camera using his force to throw a pushchair down the stairs? Paranormal Investigators ‘Pitch Black Investigations’ held a ghost hunt at the infamous house known for having a malevolent entity which was said to haunt the Pritchard family for a good half-century. The house is located in the town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire. This is a well known spot for enthusiastic paranormal investigators to try their hand at obtaining evidence of the activity!

It seems ‘Pitch Black Investigations’ got lucky! Their CCTV camera caught a stationary pushchair hurtling down the stairs by it’s own accord. It was positioned at the top of the stairs where it is said that 14 year old Diane Pritchard was dragged by the malevolent ghost of a monk, now known as the ‘Black Monk’.

Paranormal Investigator Loretta Young attended the night’s event and filmed the minutes after the Pushchair had been heard hurtling down the stairs. Watch the raw footage here of how the team reacted as they watched the CCTV camera footage moments after the action kicked in… Behind the scenes footage, revealed here!


What are your thought’s on this evidence? Write a comment below and share this post! We think it’s a brilliant capture and proves the hype is living up to it’s reputation…



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Is this a Ghost?

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Image for illustration purposes only – Source: Google.

Ghost pictures circulate online worldwide, but many are not real, or misunderstood as thinking something could be a ghost when in fact it can be explained if looked at in detail… This is a test! Investigating the paranormal is something every investigator learns and becomes more experienced with over time, through trial and error, learning and experience. So, considering some of Indico Paranormal’s many paranormal captures (not all have been shown online), here is a test for you to analyse this strange photograph and explain what ‘you see’ and what ‘you think’ it could be . Let’s hear what you think in the comment section below or on the Facebook Livestream Test Video (which will also appear on this post when it’s been done)…. I will disclose what is in this spooky image in another video via the Facebook page “Indico Paranormal Investigations, Ghosts & Haunted Locations on Film” after the test is underway. Don’t get too spooked! – Sadiex

Original Image
The same image as above, but enhanced…

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The Haunted Peterborough Museum ‘Blog 1’

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Have you heard of the ghostly reports that lurk within the ‘Peterborough Museum’? Well, if you haven’t, believe me, you are missing out! This museum has a long and interesting history dating back to the 16th Century. Over the years many people have claimed to see varying ghosts within the building’s vicinity. Ghosts ranging from a First World War soldier, a ghostly kitchen maid, a Roman soldier, a white lady who follows visitors around the upper floor, a little girl in the geology gallery, a hooded figure of a monk or priest, as well as poltergeist activity moving furniture, banging doors, loud footsteps, strange smells and light orbs….

Wow that is a lot! So, with all that said, will we experience anything ourselves on Saturday night!?! Hopefully… Watch the livestream to get a more in depth glance of what is to come…. Join us ‘LIVE’ from home and I will give you a tour of the building along with interviewing witness accounts of past haunted claims. Follow the ‘Indico Paranormal Investigations & Haunted Locations on Film’ to watch the action…

“Until Saturday, bye for now…” Sadiex

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Britain’s Most Haunted Cemetery?


The entrance gates to Boughton Cemetery, Northamptonshire

On Saturday 10th June 2016, we investigated Boughton cemetery in Northamptonshire. Many people have investigated this cemetery in the past due to it’s reputation for being one of the UK’s most haunted cemeteries. We went along armed with our paranormal gear and senses ready to start the night’s search for ghostly activity! I live streamed most of the night signal permitting and we caught some amazing responses on the Echovox and PSB11 with viewers at home also hearing the same responses.

Sadie & Becki

We had the frightening name of ‘Satan’ come through and then ‘Devil’ numerous times. We also had intelligent responses stating the names and a date of a family buried together in the same plot. Jared strangely heard something tell him his name was ‘William Kimbell’ as he stood behind a gravestone. On inspection we found a headstone with his name! We believe we made contact with this little boy via the Echovox which stated his name and also his family members too. The full production and analysis can be watched here…

Later on in the evening Pete and a young lady investigating with him witnessed a dark shadow person break his laser beam near to where a man apparently hung himself from a tree.  Toward the end of the night I started a mirror scrying session with no luck, but then headed off in search of the alleged tree where the man committed suicide and as I was walking up toward the area I heard something walking around me very clearly, which wasn’t anybody in person. Next I felt something clearly prodding my leg with quite some force as you can hear on the video.

The cemetery certainly holds up to it’s haunted reputation. In fact, we visited again for a second time on 2nd July 2016 to conduct a second paranormal investigation with yet again interesting consequences, with a table being clearly thrown over in front of us with a lot of force and also a very spooky voice being captured in response to one of Jared’s provocative questions! See the upcoming blog for the second investigation soon…


Norfolk Tank Museum

Boughton Cemetery 2

“Until the next… Bye for now!” – Sadiex



A Haunted Ruin and Farm. A Tale to Tell!


IMG_9031 IMG_9142[1]

Jared Copeman
Pete Zutic
Rob – Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations

Or is it? More than likely! On Friday evening 3rd June 2016, we trekked off into the wilderness armed with only ourselves and a few paranormal tools. We went there not really knowing what to expect as details surrounding this location are very undocumented. I was kindly invited along to attend the night’s paranormal investigation by Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations to do just about anything I pleased! So, armed with my two right men, Jared & Pete, my heavy selfie stabiliser and phone, batteries, wires, PSB11 & Echovox and luggage handler Pete, we prepared for the unknown. Little did we know, it was going to be quite a walk! At a rough guess around a mile. So we started the adventures, Live Stream connected to Jared’s signals, Pete towing the luggage and Rob leading the way with his two team members, Sasha, Jason and Paul. On first arrival we were greeted by the existing remains of the old wall to the once superior manor house. No window panes, but frames still just about in tact and a lean too overgrown inside with a tree and some lovely graffiti. As we made our way around it, we spotted a rather large dog! A totally gorgeous fellow  who offset us for a bit. After we’d worked out where he had come from, we got back to our task ahead. Rob showed us the remains of the old castle mound, farm outbuildings and the house. History about the location on-line is very limited, but we were told by Rob of what he already knew. The land itself dates back to Roman times, once home to a settlement. the house was owned by a well to do family (no doubt) and it is believed Oliver Cromwell once stayed there. The land was also once home to a castle with some of the old mounds/moats still in tact today. Overall, it was a lovely location, out in the middle of nowhere, just itching to be investigated! As the night fell, we set up some equipment and began the investigations. Myself and Jared headed up to the castle mound and began by conducting a PSB11 Spirit Box Session and an Echovox. It was mostly recorded on the live stream and you can see the fully analysed footage of the responses that came through, and gotta say they were not a disappointment! Watch the video to see… All three of our names were spoken and some very intelligent things relating to our ventures.

Jared & Sadie during the Echovox Session

Later on after making the mile walk back to the cars to get a charging wire, we decided to investigate the old barn (building one) upon request from the spirits lurking within. This can be heard on the above video ^^^. As we were standing chatting, I kept seeing what I can only describe as a glowing figure of a person in the field. Jared got out his Thermal Vision Camera, and low and behold, there seemed to be a figure on screen! This footage need to be analysed and will be put into a video once ready. We also seemed to capture another two other inexplicable figures on thermal which were inside the barn.


Rob and his team have investigated this location in the past and told us how he had previously seen what he thought was a man walking out of the brambles across the grassed path and back into the brambles adjacent. The man was wearing a cape but didn’t have any legs!!! After scouring the area they couldn’t come up with any rational explanations. Another colleague of Robs had also seen a little girl playing in this area too.

Sadie Forth

After investigating this location, it’s safe to say it is a good one if you wanna delve into the mysteries of it’s past and hope to get a glimpse of a ghost! Maybe we will return in the future, but for now, until the next….. :) Sadiex